Our Teachers

award winning. highly experienced teachers,


Individualized piano training for our students.

The Carpenters have been teaching Piano and other musical subjects for 40 years. Suzanne and John wish to provide the best possible instruction to our students, with the hopes to take each student as far as possible in the art of the Piano. We wish to pass on the legacy of fine playing to  budding musicians of all ages, beginning at any level. 


This review is for John's wife Suzanne. We have been beyond impressed with Suzanne and how much she has taught the kids in such a short time! She really takes the time to prepare for each lesson and keeping the kids interest in mind when picking their songs. She challenges them but keeps them interested. I hardly have to remind the kids to practice because they want to do well for Ms Suzanne! And now they really enjoy playing the piano - thank you Suzanne!

Liz R.

not only  is  (John) so committed to be such a serious musician and pianist, but he has also the personality to inspire young people to do as well; something to my understanding, extremely important, in a time in which so many teachers don’t get involved with their students, therefore not getting the best results.

Ana B