Here is the list of upcoming events and other news for​ True Virtuoso Piano Studios:


Congrats to our students Lucas and Hannah Adams. Lucas took FIRST place in his division of the Southwest Ohio MTA Auditons Festival for 2018, and his sister Hannah has taken a THIRD place in hers! They also took a Blue Ribbon and Gold Medal respectively! Last year our students took two blue ribbons, a gold medal and a silver medal. The comment sheets were outstanding, and they all worked very hard for their honors, against a strong field.​

Dr. John has started a new radio program called "Music Making Together", which airs Monday nights from 8-10 pm EST on WAIF 88.3 FM Cincinnati or online at  You can find that link at the bottom of the page. Click on the arrow. It features community building talk, great music and wonderful guests, musical and otherwise.

John and Suzanne flew to Anaheim California for three concerts at the National Association of Music Merchants annual convention. He performed in joint concerts featuring ten pianists from all over the country, a number that was augmented on the second and third nights to up to 25 pianists playing piano arrangements of famous pieces all at the same time! (multiple parts) It was wonderful meeting these fine pianists and the two conductors Jed Distler and Kimo Fujimoto,  and playing the three concerts in four days!

In March 2017 Dr. John performed two concerts with the Dayton Philharmonic, featuring Latin Dance Music performed for about 4000 school age children at the Schuster Center. 

John performed in 12 weddings last year at Mother Of God Church, where he directs and plays Organ for the 9:30 am Sunday Mass. He also directed the Christmas music in 2017, and performed many other events at the historic Church

​Dr. John performed the Liszt Totentanz, a concerto, with the Olympia Youth Orchestra in San Bernadino, California on January 15th 2016. A wonderful time was had by all, and Maestro Fung Ho, the Conductor of the Orchestra, treated us like royalty, not only then, but at the time of the NAMM Festival this year, when he helped out and also took us out for a very fine dinner.  Thanks, Maestro Fung Ho for all you have done for us!. 


to all the people who donated to make it possible for us to attend and for Dr. John to perform in the 3 NAMM Festival concerts!  It was the event of a lifetime!