All students are different. They come with different abilities, different goals.  As they are different it makes sense that plan for teaching them should also be different, tailored to the specific needs of the individual student. We are proud to say that this approach is very successful. Two of our students have just placed first and third in the local MTNA affilated Audtions Festival, and other students have previously won Gold and Silver Medals and Blue Ribbons. In our approach, we take into account their strengths and weaknesses, and get much better results than we would if we used one "cookie cutter" method approach to the work. We also acknowledge that there is a core of knowledge, both musical and technical, that needs to be known, and we provide the very best in that department, by teaching lessons together. Suzanne is an experienced educator, who has studied the teaching of gifted children from Irina Piggot, at one time the Principal of the East Manhattan School for Bright and Gifted Children in New York. She understands the different personalities of the students very well, and knows how to motivate and encourage them. John, on the other hand, is a virtuoso concert pianist who has made much study of technique and how it applies to achieve the desired musical result. He bases his approach on the work of Gyorgy Sandor, with whom he had lessons, as articulated in Sandor's great book, "On Piano Playing; Motion, Sound and Expression." He also has a great deal of experience as a public performer, and studied with many exceptional musicians, also performers, including Eugene List, Robert Goldsand, Ana Maria Trenchi Bottazzi, Sascha Gorodnitzki and others. He has two articles that will appear in the Clavier Companion, an important musical publication. We team teach, therefore; we create an unbeatable combination that way that is far and above what is found in most studios. Suzanne finds the best approach to motivate the student and trains them in basic musicianship while John focuses on technique, and what motions produce the desired musical results...always listening to the final sound produced. Thereby our students get both the core musical knowledge and the specific piano technical basics while always stying focused on the personalities, strengths and weaknesses of the students.And we enjoy watching the students, taking pleasure in their improvements as we nudge them on to the next goal. Individualized programs and team teaching that takes into account both the student as a person and as a pianist.