True Virtuoso Piano Studio has things for sale. Here is the current list:

John Carpenter Plays Great Hymns.  

​There are still copies of this album available at $10 per copy. These were made at Jewel Recording Studios in Cincinnati through Wing And Prayer Records. It is an album of hymn arrangements of high quality for piano, recorded by John C Carpenter in 2004. For information on how to buy, please email me at or go to my Facebook page and send me a private message. My page is at


ChristmaClassics is a group of piano arrangements by John C Carpenter. They combine famous Christmas Carols with almost equally famous Classical pieces. There are 9 of these. Now these are available ONLINE at If you want an actual CD, I will need to press you one. In that case, please write to me, at, as I prefer NOT to stock CDs at CD Baby offices. This CD is also 1o dollars.

John C Carpenter will soon be releasing a retrospective album featuring recordings he made during many different times of his life. This will be released in the fall by True Virtuoso Productions.